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Detox your life

one product at a time

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Katie Kirby Greenway

My passion for all things non toxic began three years ago when an illness forced me to evaluate my everyday toxic load. I started to think twice about what I was putting on my skin, what I was using to clean my home, wash my clothes, bathe my children and it forced me to start afresh.


Today  I am still on that very mission,

detoxing our lives one product at a time.


At A Green Way I personally make all my cleaning products, body products, sleepy spray, yoga mat spray, a beautiful variety of perfumes and our very popular immunity roller that contains a blend of immune boosting essential oils.


As a wellness advocate for Doterra essential oils I am always open to discussing the benefits of oils. At the moment I am offering a 30 minute free zoom call outlining my introduction into essential oils and tips for how it may benefit you.

If you are interested email me at or find me on instagram @agreenwayire

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